First 5 weeks as MNFI Community Manager

I was elected as MNFI (MeeGo Network Finland) community manager on July 4th 2011, without much fanfare. Just the way I wanted it. Partly because I've been having so much going on in my life recently, while I don't mind the extra responsibilities (I did volunteer after all), I didn't want the extra attention. Besides, even though I will be the contact point and interface for our network, I want the news spotlight to be on the community members, their projects, and sharing their passion for MeeGo and open source applications.

However, since this is my blog, I think I am entitled to be a little more egocentric here. :)

So, how has it been for the first month+ as a Community Manager? On the one hand, it has been a relatively easy transition. My predecessor did a great job getting our community to where it is now, taking a lot of the grunt work out of the way. In addition I have already been actively involved in MNFI for a while, organizing local meetups in Tampere and leading Communication and Tech efforts for the MeeGo Summit FI held in April. On the other hand, there are so many things to do and details to take care of! I'm glad to see so many people interested in MeeGo and growing our network/community, which is why we're so busy, and I also have a LOT of help from our wonderful members; but the need to clone myself seems to increase everyday. I need someone to take care of getting enough sleep, for example. Well ok, that's not solely due to my CM tasks, but having them on top of my other commitments is adding to my stress levels and wrinkles.

I'm happy to announce that our Local Device Program (LDP) has been up and running for almost a month in Tampere now, and there are discussions ongoing about setting them up in Helsinki and Oulu as well. Developers want to develop for the MeeGo platform! Our monthly meetups continue as usual, even during the slower summer months in Finland. For e.g. in our July meetup we had a presentation on development for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (link includes a video of the presentation). The coming MeeGo meetup in August will be held in conjunction with the 1st Tampere Qt Meetup. This month we also participated in Assembly Summer 2011, setting up a Linux booth there with Ubuntu Finland, Fedora Finland and FLUG (Finnish Linux User Group), promoting MeeGo and other Linux distributions. It was my first Assembly and I had so much fun! This weekend we are organizing a Bug Munching Day. Sounds delicious? Join us, learn about a bug's life, get down and dirty with hands-on bug-killing and more!

We are also working on getting some awesomely cool community T-shirts for our members; and are looking for sponsors for the T-shirts, meetups, devices for LDP, etc. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact me!

And for some of you who might be wondering, this is not a paid position for me. Currently I am doing a part-time stint with Hermia, only for two months, being paid to help get LDP process defined and started in addition to a couple of other projects in New Factory. However my Community Manager role is entirely voluntary. It is certainly a lot fun but also plenty of hard work. So I thank you in advance for your continued support!


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