In search of a colourful Christmas

I grew up in Singapore, followed by a decade in Dallas. While the winters in Dallas do get cold, it hardly ever snows. So when I moved to Finland in September 2007, I was looking forward to my first white Christmas. Unfortunately that was the warmest winter in more than 100 years, and it didn't snow in Tampere (for Christmas)! So couple of days before Christmas, I booked a trip to Rovaniemi (after checking the forecast to make sure it was snowing there) in search of the white Christmas I wanted. And I got it.

Pic taken on Christmas day 2007 at the arctic circle.

Fast forward 4 years. Fortunately I didn't have to travel that far for white Christmases since that first one. (Not that I mind, for the trip was really enjoyable, just kinda expensive.) However, this year we could be looking at another record warm winter. So 3 days ago when I discovered that I have received a tax refund, my first thought was to get a white Nokia N9 (especially with the recent price drop). To ensure the streak of whiteness continues and to cheer myself up (2011 has been harsh on me).

Oh, you temptress.

Then came this inner nagging feeling. Sure, the N9 is a great device, but I'm already lucky enough to have an N950. Plus I've gotten several other gadgets throughout the year. Will getting this one more make me happier? Well, ok, yes (not gonna lie). But how much happier? And for how long? How could I use the funds to make a bigger and more lasting effect, on myself or even others? There are certainly many possible answers to the last question, and after taking a long, hard look at myself (with one last, yearning look at Snow White above), here's what I have decided:

  1. This Christmas will have a splash of bright cheery yellow with Amnesty International
  2. Perhaps some soothing blue with UNICEF when we need a break from the holiday rush
  3. How about a nice lucky colour? No problem, Join Red!
  4. And if that's still not enough, Cancer Society of Finland provides a circle of six :)

So I plan to make Christmas 2011 as colourful as possible. You can help by picking a colour and contributing, especially if you were considering getting me something :) I'd be extremely grateful! Although if you want to gift me a cyan/magenta N9, I'm not going to say no... xD

Have a happy geeky holiday season, and sing some CAROLs!


  1. There should have been some green with Greenpeace in the mix - maybe it helps to ensure future white Xmases ;)

  2. Thank you Carol, and Happy Holidays!

  3. @Hendrik: good point, but I didn't want to spread myself too thin either. Will keep it in mind for next year! (maybe for St. Patrick's day?)

    @Myrtti: kiitos, samoin!!

  4. May I add number 5?
    5. donate to the starving postdoc's fund

  5. @Sau: sure, although that shares the same pool with the starving unemployed's fund :P


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