N9 price drop in Verkkokauppa

Screenshot taken on 6/12/2011

Verkkokauppa, the Disneyland for geeks in Finland, has all variations of the Nokia N9 for sale (pre-order for the white 64GB version). Last I checked (about a week ago), they were listing the 16GB version for 599,90€ and 64GB for 699,90€. This morning they are showing these lower prices: 549,90€ for the 16GB model and 629,90€ for 64GB! I am soooooo tempted to get the white one.

Will we start seeing more N9s under Christmas trees across Finland? Let's hope so. This is a fantastic phone, and I'm saying it as objectively as I can manage :) Nah, who am I kidding. I'm in love with this phone. And if you're reading this blog, you probably feel the same way I do. Go grab one and stuff it in your own stocking for Christmas!

Ooh and Happy Independence Day, Finland!

Update 20-Jan-2012: And 1.5 months later, the prices are now 529,90€ for the 16GB and 599,90€ for the 64GB.


  1. Wow, It's a good news to all of the N9 fans !
    Too bad I'm still using n900, don't have the cash to upgrade to N9 right now. But sooner or later maybe will !

  2. @meng: work towards it and hope you get one soon!


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