OS usage of blog visitors after 10 hours

My blog has only been up since last night, and it has already been visited by so many of you. Thanks! And 15% of you are using MeeGo devices to check out my first blog post, more than iPhones and Android devices combined. w00t!

Granted, someone who clicks on a link to a MeeGo blog/post is interested in MeeGo and more likely to be using a MeeGo device. But considering the number of available devices running MeeGo, I was still a little surprised to see this results (albeit too premature to conclude anything). Let's hope the trend continues! i.e. more people start using MeeGo devices -> more developers wanting to develop MeeGo apps -> more manufacturers making MeeGo devices for people to use etc. -> happy MeeGo Bunny!

Btw, one of the counts towards Android is from my own phone. I haven't used a device running MeeGo to check out my own blog yet, and I've disabled tracking pageviews from browsers on my laptops running Windows and Linux.


  1. I'm still running Ubuntu on all my not-so-pocketable computers, but MeeGo/Harmattan of course on N950, and Debian on FreeRunner. I used to block Google Analytics on my laptop but I have deemed resistance futile and allowed it again.

    As for future, N950 will naturally get MeeGo CE and probably my Dell mini laptop MeeGo 1.3. And if I buy a tablet, I'll wait for the ones shipping with MeeGo.

  2. @Timo: ooh yes I remember your FreeRunner. it's still available from some online stores!

    Speaking of tablets, I just blogged about some. Definitely looking forward to more tablets shipping with MeeGo!


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