A tale of three tablets

Image from cordiatab.com
The Cordia Open Tablet "is an effort to bring a practical, openly hackable, Open Source tablet device to Maemo & MeeGo communities." Pretty decent specs too; not extremely high end, but will make a nice developer device. Personally I prefer the 7" size over bigger tablets. I hope to get a couple for our Local Device Program, and we need sponsors!

Image from exopc.com
I have a loaner ExoPC tablet (thanks Intel AppUp!) and the screen is gorgeous and responsive (wish more gadgets and guys are like that ;)). It's just a tad too heavy, or I'll be carrying it around and using it more. Currently I'm dual-booting Ubuntu Natty and MeeGo tablet developer preview. I've been meaning to try out the WeTab OS (looks awesome, based on MeeGo) and EXO UI (layered on top of Windows 7). Maybe also a more recent nightly build of MeeGo tablet. Need a triple/quad-boot setup! Will try to find some time this weekend and work through Creating a Multi-Boot EXOPC Tablet, and post about my experiences and findings later.

Finally, who is TabCo? I'm dying to know! What will it look like? How would it change our lives? What OS will it run? Will it run MeeGo?? Is it related to the JooJoo (which is from Singapore, one of my home countries)? Gotta wait until next Monday (August 15th) to find out... how much sleep will I lose over this?


  1. It would be interesting to port MeeGo into some of the Tegra2 based tablets, now that there is graphics drivers available.


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