Finding a new identity

What's next for MeeGo? Specifically in the local community context for Tampere MeeGo Network, Helsinki MeeGo Network, and MeeGo Network Finland?

This has been on the minds of many of us since the Tizen announcement couple weeks ago. There is also the Mer project which has received a lot more attention recently.

Yesterday we had an interesting and fruitful discussion at (possibly the last) Tampere MeeGo Network meetup. We went around the group and each member shared what they would like to see in our community going forward. Here is what we came up with:

The theme seems to revolve around openness/sharing, mobile, locality and growth. We don't have a new name yet, but we pretty much agree on not using a specific platform/OS/technology in our title. Please join us in our IRC meeting today to discuss this further.


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