MeeGo Network Finland now known as Devaamo Community Finland!

It's official! We have a new identity:

Devaamo Community Finland

A little background about Devaamo Ry, founded by a few of us from MNFI - "Devaamo is a non-profit association that advances the possibilities for open source development, and supports open source developers in various ways."

During our community meeting just now, we agreed that using Devaamo as an umbrella name gives more definition and direction for the community. We are not limited to a single platform or OS. We support current MeeGo/Qt development and look forward to Tizen/Mer developments, and perhaps welcoming some web devs in our mix as well. Our community members are interested and knowledgeable in many areas and our focus is bringing these people together to network and share their ideas and discussions.

(Btw, 'Devaamo' in Finnish means a place where development happens :))

The local chapters will be known as Devaamo Helsinki and Devaamo Tampere respectively. There might even be Devaamo Kuopio and other cities in the future, fingers crossed!

We're in the process of setting up our web presence (website, portal, twitter, FB page etc.). More info will be available when these are ready. Regular meetups are being planned as well as a summit in June next year (tentatively "Devaamo Open Summit").

Today also happens to be National Fail Day in Finland, a movement to encourage Finns to be more tolerant of failures and even embrace failures as a stepping stone to success. In Chinese, we also have a saying "失敗為成功之母" (Failure is the mother/precursor of success). Very few people succeed on their first tries. Some will be ashamed of their failures and never try again. But those who persist, learn from their failures and attempt and take more risks will eventually succeed. (That, or be able to write books and give speeches on all their failures and lessons learnt... :P)

MeeGo can be considered a failure (well, at least nobody will be calling it a success). But many of us have learnt a lot through it, and we do have a wonderful community resulting from it. Taking these and going forward, I welcome you to follow our progress as we establish and grow in Devaamo Community Finland!

P/S. I'm not sure what to do with "MeeGo Bunny" yet. "Devaamo Bunny" just doesn't have the same ring to it...


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