DropN9, Dropbox and syncing Skype history

Was fiddling with Dropbox past couple of days, and glad to see a client has been developed for the Nokia N9/N950 - the DropN9. You can also download the latest .deb file directly from the developer's site.

The interface is simple and clear enough, although for a couple of the icons it took some testing to figure out what they do.

L-R icons: back, create new folder, upload file(s), download file(s), delete file/folder, move file/folder, toggle multiple selection, file transfer queue, menu

If you noticed a Skype folder above, that's because I'm trying to sync Skype chat history using Dropbox. I got it working between my Linux and Windows machines. On the Linux box:

mv ~/.Skype ~/Dropbox/Skype
ln -s ~/Dropbox/Skype ~/.Skype

Basically moving the Skype folder to Dropbox and creating a symlink there so any changes to Skype settings or updates to chat history will be updated in the Dropbox folder. Then on my windows laptop, I deleted the Skype folder and used mklink to create the symlink:

mklink /J C:\Users\carol\AppData\Roaming\Skype C:\Users\carol\Dropbox\Skype

Easy enough. Tested and it works. And then I wanted to make it work on my N950 (and iPad2) as well. I checked the Skype folder and file structures on my N950 and they seem to be similar to the others. However, the problem is that DropN9 (and other mobile Dropbox clients for that matter) doesn't do actual syncing. That is understandable given battery (and on some devices, storage) limitations. I wouldn't have minded doing "manual" syncing by downloading/uploading the Skype folder when needed, but the next problem is Dropbox doesn't allow transferring of folders, only files.

Any ideas/suggestions?

P/S. Afaik there's no way to merge Skype history (thus the need to sync), so I had to choose one as the base to work with. So far I have used Skype on Linux most. However recently I'm starting to use it on the iPad more, and maybe also N950, and desperately need to figure out how to sync with the mobile versions too!


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