MetaWatch meetup recap

We had the pleasure of meeting with MetaWatch CEO Bill Geiser and CTO David Rosales on Wednesday at Aalto Venture Garage in Espoo. What followed was almost 4 hours of learning about the history of connected watches, the development system, the careful thought and consideration that went into building the MetaWatch platform from both software and hardware perspectives. And of course getting up close and personal with the watches themselves.

Here are some pics I took at the event. Another write-up of the meetup by Tero Kojo.

If you have an N9/N950 with a MetaWatch, you can try this Qt-based SmartOpen Watch. Currently only the digital version is supported. You can see both in action here.

We're also fortunate enough to receive a few devices for our Local Device Program! Helsinki has one of the digital MetaWatches, while Tampere will have both the digital and analog versions. Thank you Bill and Dave!

Further thanks to Protomo for sponsoring the party bus from Tampere for a big group of us. Devaamo organized the event and provided refreshments.


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