N9 shuffle across the pond

Came across a couple of blog posts regarding the N9 today:

"Nokia management gone crazy: N9 banned from some websites"

"Exclusive: Nokia Reverses Course, Quietly Begins Selling N9 in United States"

(Nice titles, makes you wanna click and read more, right? I'm also guilty of trying to come up with sensational captions, but usually not too successful. Anyway, back to the news...)

Regarding the first one, the N9 isn't banned, but rather removed from available products. For example, you can't find it anymore on the Finnish Nokia site. Supposedly the same happened on the Swiss site.

Is Nokia sending all the extra N9 stock across the Atlantic? According to the second article, Fry's Electronics (my playground when living in Dallas) is starting to sell the N9 with '4.3" Super AMOLED Screen' and 'Mego OS'. Hmm, KIRF much?

Ad from Frys.com


  1. Ya I hope its the big come back!!! Tizen already dupport QT4 also blackberry the new 10

  2. I doubt it, but more chances for people to get an N9, the better!


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