Ted Baker Elorna for your Jolla

Found a nice phone/card case that fits my Jolla perfectly, and closely matches the poppy red other half. It’s available at Stockmann Tampere, and I got it for 40% off (original price 70€). The travel wallet I’ve been looking for! Or daily wallet, haven’t decided yet… Anyway there are many colour options, although Stockmann Tampere only offered orange and green (reminds me of my alma mater). Stockmann online has black and pink in stock (but not on sale). I’d like to get one in my favourite purple at some point, though they seem to be sold-out in most online shops. Probably a last season model, but what do I know, I don’t usually follow fashion trends. I’m just glad it doesn’t come with Ted Baker’s signature bow (not my style). So here you have it, an elegant and functional case for the elegant and functional Jolla, a match made in geekgirl heaven.


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