Bunny back to blogging + Jolla Community Hangout

MeeGo is no more, the project and its people have moved on, although some of us are now working in things directly (such as Jolla and Sailfish OS) and indirectly (such as Devaamo) catalysed by MeeGo. Since I'm involved in both, and occasionally have something to say about them, I've decided to reuse this blog. There'll be nothing official here (you can find official channels in the links above), just some personal thoughts and ramblings. Plus pictures. I've started repopulating the blog with some of my Instagram/Twitter pics and Tumblr posts related to Devaamo/Jolla from the past year.

So anyway, 2 days ago was the 2 year anniversary of Jolla's first tweet:

Some members in the Jolla Community came together for a Google Hangout to commemorate the occasion:

James and I started the Hangout, but unfortunately I dropped out within the first 3 minutes - right after he said "Google Hangout is bad" - and was not able to rejoin (kept getting error messages "Couldn't join call, try again" or "You're not allowed to join this video call." on 3 different OSes and 5 different browsers/apps). Google must have been listening in. Thankfully the others had better luck than I did and they had a great hour's worth of discussions. Hope to see more of this in future, with fingers crossed that I'll have less trouble participating!


  1. Definitely following this blog :) And linking it to http://reviewjolla.blogspot.com right away, looking forward for your nice posts here.

  2. Thanks Simo, will do my best :)

  3. Same here,I have issues regarding with Google hangout.


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