Jolla "The Other Half" collection 1H 2014

Bunny's TOH collection as of July 11, 2014
This is a nice start, but I'm just getting warmed up! They are like the Finnish summer, rare and oh so good and you're happy to plaster a frozen smile on your face throughout the long harsh winter for the promise of summer. Well ok, I'm exaggerating. Many of these are readily available (links below) while some are a bit more exclusive. So far I've only gotten my bunny paws on these "fashion TOHs". I'd like to invest in some "function TOHs" in the near future. Let's see how the collection grows in 2H 2014 :)

Anyway, my initial idea for this post was only to mention that I am planning a review of David's 3D printed TOHs by Shapeways. I ordered them in "Lightning Violet" and "Sunset Pink" colours (in above pic, top row 2nd from left and bottom row 2nd from right respectively). But as I was drafting the post in my head, I was reminded of all the different community TOH projects that's out there and I wanted to comment on all of them and the draft went from 1 photo + 2 lines to 10 photos + 20 paragraphs very quickly. Maybe a compromise? 6 photos and less paragraphs but more links? Besides, there are already several great write-ups on some of these projects that you can peruse from the following Jolla community blogs:
It's too late to purchase the Qwerty TOH made by Dirk anymore, but at least I got an early look (and play) of it at MWC 2014:

Source Source
However he's making some really cool and funky TOHs, including chameleon and carbon fiber ones, optionally outfitted with Qi charging pads, available when Dirk is back from his summer vacation.

Then we have another amazing TOH hacker Kimmo who has created a half with an OLED display. Those lucky (and fast) ones have ordered from his first batch, and to find out if he's producing more it's best to follow/contact him on TMO.

Source 1, 2, 3
Personally, what I'm most interested in right now is the E-ink display TOH that Kimmo is working on. Here's a video of the first image rendered, some progress with displaying notifications, and how it might look put together with a 3D printed case:

Other TOH projects that I'm aware of (I'm sure there are lots more) include: Power Half (external battery), Solar Panel Half, macro lens, temperature meter, and wireless charging. It seems that supplying power to the device is a popular theme. It's no surprise, as most power users are also power-hungry users!

So, a supposed quick post about my private TOH collection turned out to be a long-winded one about different community contributions. What can I say, the community is close to my heart :) Anyhow, I should wrap this up soon so I can start on my review piece. Let's support the community efforts, as well as Jolla, by shopping for your favorite TOHs:

Update: right after publishing this post I noticed that David has added some new colours to his The Other Side offering. Check them out!

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  1. Tell us about the furry other half?

    1. Made by a colleague using soft furry material covering the original white TOH. He had them in different colours: hot pink, lime green etc. It was a great TOH to use last winter, and since it's getting colder by the day, I think I'll start using it again soon :D


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