"Devaamo Community" revisited and revised

My previous blog post announced that MeeGo Network Finland will be transitioned to Devaamo Community Finland. Unfortunately I have to retract that. It was somewhat of a hasty decision on our part and caused some confusion and unpleasant feelings. And for that I apologize.

Devaamo Ry (the association) is *not* MNFI rebranded. This we want to make clear. It is founded with the idea to support open-source development and communities in the Tampere region (at least initially), providing a formal channel for organizing events and obtaining sponsorship. It is not just about MeeGo (or Mer, or Tizen, although our members are definitely interested in all these). We welcome other communities/groups to join us, for example, the Qt Everywhere meetups. Perhaps we will see a Windows Phone group under the Devaamo umbrella if there is interest and demand.

Using the Devaamo name for the various MeeGo networks was convenient, since we're mostly the same bunch of people, but not accurate. So what are the new identities then, for TMN, HMN and MNFI?

Tampere MeeGo Network: as mentioned in another post, this local network wants to focus on mobile development, networking locally and learning/sharing with like-minded people. So we've decided on a working title that better reflect what we're about: Tampere Mobile Ninja Techies. Yes, TMNT :) We will have our first TMNT meetup around mid-November, organized and supported by Devaamo.

Helsinki MeeGo Network: they had a meetup last Friday to discuss this, but I have not heard back from them what's the conclusion of their discussion. (Was hoping to have their decision before writing this post to make it more complete, but I guess that will have to wait :))

MeeGo Network Finland: this is trickier. MNFI united MeeGo enthusiasts around Finland and we came together and organized a very successful MeeGo Summit FI this April. We've had a couple other joint efforts such as participation in Assembly Summer 2011 and the Local Device Program (more about LDP below). However, aside from those, the local meetups have been pretty much autonomous. It seems that there is no real need for MNFI to continue. I can't make the decision alone to dissolve the network, so we will discuss its fate at our next community meeting.

Local Device Program: since it was modelled after MeeGo's Community Device program, it was natural for MNFI to host the LDP in Finland. But now that there's a possibility of MNFI going away, it's up to the local groups to find new homes for LDP. In Tampere, Devaamo will most likely host it (to be confirmed). Helsinki Institute for Information Technology may be taking over the Helsinki counterpart (also to be confirmed).

So there you go. That's a lot of words for a lot of changes going on. Hope this clears up some of the confusion. As the dust settles, I try to post more interesting stuff like what goes on at our events and cool projects by our members.

In the meantime, I have an identity crisis to solve as well. What kind of bunny am I now?


  1. I have been thinking along similar lines, and am putting together something similar for my region. So... do I need to craft a new identity, or would a "Devaamo US" or just "Devaamo Dallas" be acceptable? Granted the word isn't English, but it's cool... :D

  2. Oh, and I almost forgot: I plan to wrap up work on my community device program data/application model, if there's any interest in it. I'll hook back up with Ferenc since at one time he was also working on this.

  3. @texrat: you'll have to find your own place and sponsorship in Dallas but perhaps we can work something out with the name :)

    I'll also be interested to hear about what you and Ferenc end up doing with the device program, as ours probably needs an overhaul.


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